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As Time Goes By

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"Principal city in Morocco and capital in all but administration" Casablanca is now the largest port of the Maghreb busier even than Marseille, the city on which it was modeled by the French. A visit of Casablanca city should include, the central market, the Habous district, the Royal Palace, the Mohamed V square, the residential area of Anfa and the full tour of the famous Hassan II Mosque
The Hassan II Mosque

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Casablanca Travel and Tours is a full-service travel agency dedicated to the idea that travel can and should open doors to new life experiences.  Whether we work with private travelers or large groups, we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and value.

Our offices are located in Washington D.C., U.S.A., and Casablanca, Morocco. Because we are English-speaking natives of Morocco, our staff becomes your personal in-depth resource for knowledge about Moroccan culture and travel concerns you might have. [Read More]


We've posted a number of times here on Gadling about the impact of movies as a travel motivator. In other words, which movies portray a sense of place strong enough to make you want to visit?

Budget Travel recently came up with their own top ten "travel inspiring" movies released in the last year, with the Bourne Ultimatum coming in at number one thanks to six countries featured in the film and an exciting rooftop chase through the ancient medina of Tangiers (above). Although Martha blogged about this a few weeks ago,[View More]

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